United in Gratitude


Worldwide: Two minutes at 2.00pm on Friday, 11th March 2022, in your time zone; Locally: Per existing local tribute platform or on construction of a local platform. Some nations may wish to hold their local tributes to coincide with the international tributes.


Worldwide and Local tribute to healthcare worker, essential service and support staff, medical researchers and the victims of COVID-19


Our heroes don’t have the privilege of staying at home


Express our gratitude to each and every hero


Together we rise.

Tribute to Heroes

Worldwide and Local tribute to healthcare workers, essential services, medical researchers

and the victims worldwide


  • A two minute tribute
  • One minute of respectful silence for the victims of the virus
  • One minute of sustained applause for the health professionals and support staff.


  • At 2pm on Friday 11, March 2022.
  • The 11th of March date marks the day COVID-19 was declared a pandemic
  • A tribute on that day will remind us to acknowledge the compassion and sacrifices of many, and the successes that will save millions of lives.


  • Wherever you are, in every place in every country, and as publicly and jointly as possible – at work, at home, in front of your homes, on balconies, in schools, on streets, in parks and shopping centres, and in Parliaments.
  • In any place, especially if the tribute can be communal subject to COVID-19 protocols.

Around the World

  • Countries around the world holding tributes for their heroes on a locally assigned date are welcome to encourage their tributes and web sites on our site. This will assist in formally, recognising and promoting these tributes on our international site. We can advance and promote the links in recognition  of every tribute around the world.
  • We recognise the importance of national promotions of each country’s heroes. We also empathise with each other because no country or region been spared. Covid has brought considerable pain on all of us, internationally.
  • We will also be engaging in creating or assisting the formation of local sites. Our object is to support the importance of both individual and local tributes.
  • Those who wish can opt out to have that same date as the international tribute date.
  • We would like to invite all tributes to be formally, recognised and promoted on our international site. We can promote and have a link in recognition of every tribute around the world.
  • For the families we will have a special section for victims of Covid.

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