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Pay tribute in your own way. Getting involved with World Tribute Day is easy. It can be as simple as acknowledging the two minute tribute at 2.00pm on 11 March 2021, wherever you are. This can be in every place in every country, and as publicly and jointly as possible – at work, in schools, at home, in front of your home, on balconies, on streets, in parks and shopping centres, and in Parliaments. In any place, especially if the tribute can be communal and comply with COVID-19 protocols.

You can also get involved by being creative. For instance, you can:

Post your contribution or pieces of creativity on the internet and let us know using #worldtributeday.

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Mark the time and date to give thanks and applaud


Share your videos and photos and tag #worldtributeday

Write poetry or a short story

Create a painting or take a photograph of healthcare workers in their home, on their way to work, at work

Compose a song or a piece of music expressing your feelings